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Thursday, November 26, 2015


 Amanda has been dating this guy for a while now...Levi has become one of the family- he's quirky and loves food/beer as much as Jeremy.  Actually, we call Levi "Jeremy" and Jeremy "Levi" by accident whenever we have family gatherings (at least weekly).  It's scary, really.

He loves Charlotte as much as Amanda loves Samantha.  And loves both our girls like his own- so we like him :)  We're going to have a LOT of babysitting "payback" when they start having kids!  Which I'm very much looking forward to!

The ring is AMAZING and very unique- just like these two.  The date is set for September 23rd- Luckily Amanda will be 21 by then.

Yep, she's only 20, but he's 23?  And they act like their 30 and 33, so it's all good!  
Ah, Young Love!

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