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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I looked up from helping Jer with dinner and I saw this...

Later, as I sat grading, I look over to see this...

How big you are, and yet so small!  I had to wean your sister at 15 months due to struggles with mastitis and my waitressing job.  I thought she was "old enough".  You are 10 months older and I was still thinking you were too young.  You were a champ when we told you your binky was "all gone" but you continue to whimper in the morning when I tell you my milk is still "all gone".  Oh, how it breaks my heart.  There was just nothing left- and it hurt!  I suffered through it in March with the miscarriage, but this time my milk really has dried up.  I'm sorry, baby.  I promise to let you cuddle in the mornings in bed with me for as long as you want!

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