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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


So far, this pregnancy has been "easier" than the rest.  We feel like pro's at the first trimester (this is our FIFTH...so weird saying that!) so we know the drill.  Lots of high protein snacks every 45 min-2 hrs.  Be prepared for constant hunger for nothing we have in the house.  Do NOT buy anything in bulk, no matter how much I loved it one day.  For a week, all I could stomach was Chipotle.  Then one day I gagged when Jer said the word "tacos" and that was the end of that run.  
But the exhaustion.  I'm generally a person who could sleep all day. Jeremy says it's because I never stop when I'm awake.  So during 1st trimesters I'm a zombie.  I could sleep all day and still pass out on the couch an hour after waking up.  So it's hard on the girls and Jeremy.  My classrooms go a little out of control, as I'm just not on top of things.  When I come home, I can't be around food prep, so I hold the girls off with snacks and tv while I pass out on the couch and wait for my night in shining armor to come home.
Jeremy is oh-so-patient and reminds me that yes, I will get back to my ol' over achieving self soon.  And yes, the exhaustion does end.  

Then ...one day, I wake up!
And I do all the cleaning that I havn't done for 2 months!
This time I looked down and said, "Oh!  Hi there!  When did you pop?"

12 weeks- that's a bump, yo!

13 weeks
It's so much easier to see in real life.  I didn't show this much with the other 2 until 16+ weeks.
Also, ORANGES.  Can't get enough of them.


Julie said...

Congratulations! Happy Thanksgiving!

The Lukas Family said...

Yayay! I love babies and mine is already getting to be a big boy!

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