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Friday, November 27, 2015

Family Feud!

Ok, so we were on and won.  WOOT!  Sam's response when we were watching it was "YOU WON ALL THOSE NUMBERS?!?!?"  Jeremy and I played the fast money round and did GREAT.  The second episode we lost by ONE answer to the last question (but really, every episode comes down to the last question, as it doesn't really matter how many points you have- the last question gives you enough to win if you are losing!)  Jeremy and I were in the back and we would have won another 20K had we been playing the Fast Money round...grr....LUBE!!!!  WHY didn't we go with that!

I was very blessed- my off periods matched up with the TV showing and Sam didn't have school that day AND my mom was watching them so she dropped them off so I got to watch it with them!

The Faculty crowd that joined for the viewing.  I guess they showed it in the cafeteria as well so all the students who had the first lunch got to watch it too!  

Anyway, if you missed it, e-mail me :)

Also, remember we have LOTS of medical bills and a HUGE mound of student loans, so 20K/5 after taxes isn't much...but I guess lots of severly over-weight-middle-aged men who have some problems with respect for women (I glanced at their posts) don't get that and still wanted to be my "friend" on facebook.  HELLOOOOOO new privacy settings!  Poor Amanda got up to 26 requests before she managed to lock things down!

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