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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

5 am Wake-up Call

Oh, Day Light Savings Time, how I loathe you.  Poor Charlotte has suffered the most this time.  I'm having to wake her up and she's a zombie when I drop her off at the babysitter's.  She's our rock-star sleeper, but she woke up last night screaming about a pepper biting her toe.

Yep.  A pepper.  Not sure what type...didn't even know she knew what a pepper was.  In consoling her she kept telling herself, "It's ok, it was a dream...just like the butterflies aren't going to get me." (The last nightmare she had- a BIG butterfly flew into her her ear...Daddy saved her and she only wanted him when she woke up screaming).

It was the talk of the day and every time I'd ask her about it she'd get very serious and retell the whole thing, pointing to a very specific toe.  I still don't know which it was as I was usually turning my head hiding my laughs at this point in the story.

So, just to review...Charlotte's nightmares:

Also, today, Sam walked in the door, "*sniiiiiff" It smells like bacon! Daddy? Are you home?"

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Amanda Hilger said...

Hahahahha!!! That's some fancy photoshoot work you did there

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