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Sunday, March 6, 2016


During a huge snow-storm Charlotte discovered the allure of being a Ballerina.  It didn't matter to her that it was below freezing, she wanted to wear her leotard and tutu.   

I showed her a few ballerina clips on youtube and she was in AWE.

Every day she wakes up now and discusses with us as to WHEN she can be a ballerina.  With the potty training, weather and the fact that we only have two acceptable "ballerinas" for her, we've had to limit it to just when she's home.

So evenings, all-day Saturday and after mass on Sunday, she's in a tutu and leotard!  


The Lukas Family said...

No fair! You get precious ballerinas dancing. I get noisy Stormtroopers and Transformers having Nerf gun wars!

Kim said...

LOL! Sam's "ballerina" dancing is VERY similar to noisy Stormtroopers and Transformers having Nerf gun wars, so I have both ends of the spectrum...just remember, you don't have all the DRAMA we do!!

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