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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter 2016

I finally feel like we're getting a hold of the traditions we want to do with our kids.  The first is decorating eggs.  We went really simple this year- just dyed 11 eggs (they were brown as that's what our farmer has- the colors were so pretty!!).  We've decided this is a good Easter Saturday activity.

We quickly realized having the eggs set up like above for stickering was NOT conducive to a 2-year-old who doesn't understand the effects of gravity and delicacy of egg shells.

when she was done she spent a good 30 minutes "dying" our plastic eggs.


We've officially nixed anything edible!  We spend a lot on the Busy Bible but it was worth it!  We'll be getting the girls a new Shining Light doll every year, outdoor activities and whatever else I can find on clearance at Shopko :)
We introduced Samantha to St. Therese after I heard about her mother's journaling of St Therese when she was young.  It sounds much like our struggles with Samantha.  So we got her a little statue and a few books that focus on the young St. Therese.  She''s been so delighted!

This one just enjoyed filling and unfilling her Easter basket. I found a ballerina doll for $2- SO perfect for her right now!

Busy Bible was a huge hit too

After Mass we headed over to my parents' for lunch, egg hunt, naps and then dinner.

The Cousins were able to come over for lunch and the hunt!

These two get a long so well!

The adults "helping"

Everyone had to hunt for eggs of a specific color.  Sam's, of course, was blue (Elsa's color...when will this obsession end??)

WOAH!  A smile- and on CAMERA!?!?

Genevieve will have a playmate her age too- coming in October!

Easter "baskets" this year were t-shirts made into bags.  So easy and so cute.

Yes, please encourage make-up...

Poor Tess...

Happy Easter!!!

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Amanda Hilger said...

I laughed so hard at the "adults helping" picture! Such a good Easter <3

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