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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Bonnie and Clyde

In the car after the park,
Gabe, "I spy with my little eye, something that is shaped like a fence."
Sam, "um....a fence?
Gabe, "Yep!  Ok, you're turn!"

These two. 
 Right now Gabe is the idea-man and Sam is the muscle.  At this playdate they decided to open TWO 32 oz gatorade bottles and pour themselves glasses...in the basement...in the closet.  
I'd discovered Gabe eyeing the Gatorade when he'd opened our food storage cabinet.  I looked at Samantha (knowing it would have to be her to open it if it were to happen) and said to both- "You leave the Gatorade alone.  Hands OFF.  Do you understand me?"
Welp, I guess not enough to sneak into it later!
How did I find out?  Why, when 1/2 of one of the containers spilled. 
 Luckily it was on the cement in the closet so it was an easy clean-up (don't tell them that I made a big to-do about how huge of a mess it was!)
After it was cleaned up they were ALL too cooperative with their punishments.

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