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Friday, April 15, 2016

New Success

So, for over a year now we've been trying to teach Sam how to ride a bike.  It's been quite the journey. 
 1) she gives us at the slightest frustration (AHEMjeremyCOUGH)
2) she's got a sensory overload thing.  The SLIGHTEST bump/brush/scrape turns into a meltdown

Once we took off her training wheels she was upset after her first attempt.  But this spring we really pushed her to try, try again.  Whenever we gave it a shot, she wasn't allowed to stop until she had a success.  The success generally gave her such a rush that she'd continue after she was allowed to go back in.

Finally she got to the point where SHE'D ask to practice riding her bike!
I know, I know, it's WAY too small.  She has one her size from Santa..she''s just building confidence right now!  Every once in a while she wants to try "my big bike".

This is how it usually goes...GREAT start.

Goes as FAST AS SHE CAN...

loses control, forgets how to stop and falls.  Commence tears and screams.  I'm REALLY glad no one has called the police by now.  She screams a LOT.

BUT (and this is new) she GETS BACK ON TO GO AGAIN!

And falls...cries (she yelled, "GAH!  I'm such a crybaby!  I always cry!" Sorry baby, you got that from me :( )
Inspects the damage...

And goes again!  We are SO PROUD!

Water break...


The Lukas Family said...

I don't know if this will help but we always told the boys to" aim for the grass" when they feel themselves start to fall. Crashing is inevitable but that seems to make it easier! Go Sam!

Kim said...

It doesn't matter where she lands- it was a meltdown of frustration either way! She would try to land in the grass, but when you're out of control and flinging your legs out...it's hard to stop gracefully ;)

Ram Sam Sam

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