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Sunday, October 18, 2009

5 months!

Ok, so I know I'm late on posting this...and I know I cheated by back dating the post. I've been sick! (yes, even Shaklee users get sick :-)-- more on that later!)
I can't believe my baby is almost a 1/2 a year! That's almost a year! MY BABY IS ALMOST A YEAR OLD!!
That's the crazy talk that goes on in my head every time I think of her age.

So- who is Samantha at 5 months?
  • She is quite the goober! SUCH a happy baby and makes me and Jer laugh all the time.
  • She no longer sleeps swaddled (and hasn't since she was 3 months- but I forgot to add that last month)
  • She still doesn't like to sleep- well- scratch that. She DOES , just only when someone is with her. But when she's awake is just as happy as a pig in mud to just lay out and babble.
  • She discovered her toes the other week too! The ones on her left foot to be exact. This morning Jer brought her in to me to nurse (after letting me sleep in- such a wonderful husband!) and she could have starred in the nursery rhyme "Diddle diddle dumpling"
  • Her mornings with daddy are really paying off. She is not only just as happy to be with him as she is with me (unless she's hungry), but she also gets goes wild when we are BOTH in the room. Plus Jer is just tickled pink that she will cuddle with him now.
  • She does NOT like putting clothes on. Especially the arms.
  • She is still not rolling over. She'll rock from side to side, but has no real desire to flip over (except in the bathtub--'bout gave me a heart attack) I'm actually really ok with her not being mobile. With as small as our apartment is and with as many wires we have around (and her fascination with black shiny things) I'm not in any hurry for her to be moving around on her own. Plus, it's really easy for us to shower with a stationary baby.
  • Bath time is still a huge hit. She can be tired and starving- turn on that bath water and she starts squealing and kicking with excitement.
  • And lastly, she's just over 12 lbs and wearing 3-6 mo clothing (for anyone interested in sending some winter clothes ;) )
It will be interesting to see how our Thanksgiving trip to Houston goes. We'll be breaking it up and staying in Fort Smith, AR for a couple of days. However, Samantha is not a fan of the car seat and has learned the art of arching her back. Something tells me after our first rest stop there will be lots of protesting.


Sandra said...

cute! :-) I hate it when they arch their back or fling in their high/booster chair...ugh! Have fun on the drive for Thanksgiving.. ha ha

Granddad and Grandma said...

Grandma and I just realized that Samantha in her car seat looks identical to Jeremy at that age. While we admit that he is a handsome lad......any girls on the Hilger side that can claim the same looks....please!!!!????? WE LOVE YOU...hee hee.....

Granddad and Grandma said...

Correction: the first picture on October 18th looks like Jeremy.....the one in the car seat looks like any normal baby not wanting to sit still.....;-)

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