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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I've had these pics uploaded for a while but just have not had the creative energy to write about it. Basically I went to the Take2 event and got Lucy and Sam their winter wardrobe for about $65 each. Here are the highlights from our fashion show!
Lucy in her "Annie" dress

The outfit is from Aunt Dannie, but the hat is from the sale. Got her lots of sleepers

Lucy is the queen poser thanks to big sister Amanda. Seriously, Amanda taught her how to pose and Lucy loves having a paparazzi.
"Take my picture like this"
"Wait, wait wait...like this"
"Like this too"
"And this"

And I realize that the place looks awful in the pics. I'll admit, it usually looks like this:
In my defense- this is our living area. Seriously- to the left is the kitchen, the right room for a tiny table and behind me doors to the bedroom and bathroom. I'm not complaining, just defending myself. :)
We do try and maintain it, see?

but neither of us can seem to keep up with it. Or care enough. We're in for a treat when Sam becomes mobile, I'm sure...

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Kati said...

Your couch kinda looks like our couches... :)

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