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Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Superhero

This morning Jeremy brought Samantha to me for her morning nap. While I'm nursing her he gave me the morning report:

"When I got up with her I thought she had peed through her sleeper again, but then I opened it up and woaah! There was poop all the way to her neck. I tried wiping it off and thought 'to heck with this!' and just gave her a bath. It soaked through to her sheets too, so I have those in the wash. I put it through a rinse cycle first to get all the poop off."

Seriously, is this guy amazing or what?!


That Married Couple said...

Wow, that's great!

Sandra said...

How gross (I hate poop) but how nice to have a husband like that....I thought I was the only one! hee hee :-)

Granddad said...

Of course he's amazing....I taught him everything he knows!!!!

Granddad said...

Ya know...when the diaper box says, "Up to 10 pounds", it DOESN'T mean how much poop the diaper holds..... ;-o

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