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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bathroom Party

Today was the last day we will be picking up Lucy from school. Long story short, my mom got a better job and will now be able to pick her up herself!

I realized today how much I was going to miss this time with Lu. Samantha loves her now and Lucy can make her laugh just by looking at her.

As weird as it may sound, I will even miss the extra company while in the bathroom (apparently our apartment is very lonely without me in the living area).


Sandra said...

babies are so funny. I always wonder if I (or we if it's Keith and I) sound a bit looney doing things like that on video or if I'm just a bit more critical about us on video. Nope I'm not more critical we all do goofy things to get our kids to laugh or dance! Welcome to the group. :-) ha ha Very cute!

Mammasita said...

Hello Motherhood, goodbye alone time in the bathroom! Lucy is such a sweetie!

Julie said...

Those girls have some good moves! That was too cute. Thanks for sharing.

Zga said...

loooooooove it!!! my son who's 2 is the only one able to entertain his 7month old sister...kids are talented

Granddad said...

Obviously a couple of party girls! I suggest you hide their dancing shoes until they are each over 30, married and with kids of their own! Better safe than sorry!!! Hee Hee...

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