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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Arts and Crafts and Cleaning

I recently called my mom to apologize. While growing up she would always stay up 'til 1 or 2am doing book work or some scrapbooking. Then she would be exhausted and sleep in 'til noon and usually repeat the process for a few days. I was always very irritated with her when she did this and would wonder why she couldn't "figure it out". Staying up late made you tired and want to sleep in which would then keep you up late the next night. Duh. I knew she was a night owl, but so was I and I didn't have this problem.

So why did I call and apologize? Ever have one of those moments where it's like your mom switched voice boxes with you? You know, when you say the exact same thing she did years ago and you swore you'd never be like that?
The other night Jer said to me, "Kim, you really need to get to sleep. It's 11pm- you said yourself this morning you were exhausted from staying up late last night."

To which I responded, "Sorry Jer, I got my second wind and I'm not a bit tired. I just want to finish this."

I've heard my mom tell my dad that exact same thing a bazillion times before.

So here was my 2am project:
Can you pick out the three letters Lucy cut out for me?

So here's the gist:

Basic H2 (the top left product) replaces all of the following:

Nature Bright (top right) replaces the following (yep, even works better than bleach!):

Scour off (bottom right) replaces these:

What? Do they work?
Great question, Grasshopper...here's a before and after of my shower door using the Scour Off (which I cleaned with Sam right by me in the bathroom- what other cleaners can you do that with?)

And then the Basic G wipes are for disinfecting anything you want. Just wipe and you're done!

And finally, the medicine cabinet:
These two are my favorite, mostly because they replace half of our medicine cabinet!
For pain and cold/flu relief:

Stomach problems and energy:

What?! you don't believe me that they'd work as good? Well, try them yourself and if you don't agree, send them back. You've got nothing to loose! Except for some chemicals...but you don't really want those anyway, right?

Here is your reward for reading to the end.
Or just scrolling down to see if I posted a Sam pic.


Granddad said...

Thank you for the "reward" after reading the night owl and Shaklee episodes!

Sandra said...

You're like a drug pusher except for Shaklee! :-p ha ha Nice work. I will quote my husband right now, "Honey, from 7a.m. to 7 p.m. you're a viking!" I don't consider myself a morning or a night person. I think I just always deal with what is dealt to me in regards to what needs to be done. I have to say this though; when I get going, I work fast! Even Keith is amazed at how quickly I can clean up rooms or fold and get stuff put away...maybe that and having cute babies is my super power! ha ha

Are you going to let me know what date might work for you guys to come over or what?

Ram Sam Sam

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