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Friday, November 6, 2009

Hi ho, Hi ho, it's Off to Work We Go...

Samantha still loves doing housework with me. In fact, I don't do any while she is sleeping because she gets a kick out of watching me work.
I got down to her level to see what was so darn exciting.
I've got to be quicker these days. It's like her hands have little suckers on the ends of them. An object only needs to brush it and she's got a hold of it.

Making the bed

Can you find the baby? She was very good at pulling items from the middle folded piles. (again with the sucker fingers)

I love it when she does this. It's so hard for me to get a picture of her smiling because it's a whole body exercise. Edges of the lips curl up with her legs and she rolls off to the side--and generally out of the picture!

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Sandra said...

That photograph of her on the bed-nice shot.

The "can you find the baby one?" that's just too cute!

I feel the same way with the boys, there comes a time when it seems like they just grab a hold of things and you literally have to pry it out of their little fingers. Wait until she's 20 months, Joachim is our little pocket picker and he's quick...especially with my dad...all of a sudden there is a pen & cell phone in Joachim's hands and my dad didn't' feel a thing! :-)

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