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Friday, December 18, 2009

7 Months

I was totally ok with Samantha turning 6 months old. I mean, yeah the whole "half a year" thing was weird, but all in all, I was ok with her being 6 months.

But for some reason, seven is just freaking me out. It just seems like she's already in toddler-hood. I know, I know, she can't even sit up yet (sad, I know)...it's just closer to a year than newborn and 1-year means toddler--AH!!

We had a weight check up on Monday and she didn't do so well. We are officially off the charts- but not in the usual way. She was 13lbs, 4 oz. I tried to explain to the doc that a) she had thrown up from 6am-11am the previous day and didn't eat anything other than sips of Performance 'til 3pm. And then she had two #5's,* AND she sleeps 11 hrs at night. I'm sure those factors have to account for 8 oz. Today (4 days later) she was 13lbs 10oz at MilkWorks before I fed her.

Anyway, she's a shrimp. The doctor said to feed her more solids. And apparently we were starving the poor thing because she eats about 8 oz of solids a day, plus nursing. (She was previously only eating 2-3 oz of solids). We hope to get some meat on her bones soon!

Here are some other tidbits about Samantha at 7 months:

-She's petrified of Grandma Hilger
-She loooooooooves her Papa and Daddy
-She's a mama's girl. And she has it baaaaaaaaaaaad. I walk into the room and she freaks because she realizes I'm not within 2 inches of her.
-She is sleeping 11-12 hrs at night
-Still loves bath time, but more so to drink all the water via the washcloth
-She'll sit up with support, but will stand with even less support
-She still doesn't like to be on her tummy, but will roll on her side and streeeeeeeeeeeeeetch to get to things
-The baby in the mirror is the greatest thing EVER and results in a sudden scramble in my arms if I don't turn her quick enough to see
-She's happiest in the mornings and evenings. These also happen to be the times when daddy is home. Hm...

As Parents we are learning:
-no matter how well you clean the baby, there is always that one spot that you miss and happen to kiss later (yum)
-solid-fed-baby poo stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinks!
-going to church as a family means everyone went to church as some point during the day
-Playdates are the harder to plan than one's own death as someone's child (or husband) always gets sick

Stay tuned for adventures in baby-food making and energizer baby.

* We have a poop scale- We got tired of describing the amount, so we have a 1-5 scale. 5 is "almost didn't stay in the diaper". We do occasionally go off the scale--like, when it goes OUT of the diaper, but for the most part we stick to 1-5.

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Granddad said...

Grandma Lepper is VERY good at teaching smiles...because she has such a pretty one herself!

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