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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tunnel Vision

After our snow storm Lucy came over for a visit. My dad saw the big drift outside out door and said it was perfect for a snow fort. "That's exactly what I said!" I replied.
Suddenly, the unspeakable slipped from my mouth, "Lucy, do you want to dig a tunnel in the snow today?"

I was a little shocked to hear those words coming from my own mouth. I like being outdoors, but not when it's cold, windy, hot or too sunny. I like snow, but any playing usually entails a quick snowman or snow angel. My brother was always the one to spend hours outside only to come in beet-red from the cold and exhausted from playing so hard (much to my parents' delight).

So why in the world would I suggest such a thing?!
It's freaky what having a kid will do to you. They change your sleeping habits, eating habits, your wardrobe, you car, your bank account- I guess bringing out the kid in you shouldn't really be such a shocker.

An hour later, my cotton sweatpants were no longer warm, Jeremy's boots were filled with snow, all of Lincoln got a free mooning from me crawling in and out of the tunnel, and with some help from Lucy (ie 2 inches worth of digging), the tunnel was complete.

Lu was a little scared at first, but decided not to be afraid:

I gave it a shot myself.

I was beet red and exhausted and only went through once, but boy was it fun! Thanks for bringing out the kid in me Sam!

Ram Sam Sam

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