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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Father-Daughter First!

Their first snowstorm! Of course, they stayed inside all nice and snug while I got stuck in the snow groceries and delivered food to Joel and Becca (I thought I'd show my appreciation for making me an aunt).

So, here is what we woke up to:
and for comparison:

I wanted to measure how deep it was and opened the door...to a wall of snow that had ignored our screen:
I didn't have a ruler, but I did have an unsharpened pencil (same thing, right?). I pushed it into the snow on our chair and...it disappeared. And my finger got too cold before I hit the bottom. So there's now a pencil stuck in the snow outside:

I made a little snowball to let Samantha in on the fun:

"ooo...what's this?"

"I must taste." (What else is new?)

"Um...that's cold."

"Let me try again..."

Jeremy's thought on snow:

My thoughts involved a few expletives. Which (apparently) can be heard past our bedroom door to someone else who is "sleeping".

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Gramddad said...

Well.....to be completely accurate....this is Jeremy's first snow storm in Lincoln (if you don't count the wedding). As a child in Washington and Georgia, he had fun in the snow and on a trip to Northern Arizona. He camped in sub-zero weather with scouts in Texas. So...not exactly a first...but ain't it pretty? (Especially pretty when one does not have to trudge, drive, shovel or otherwise actually be up close)

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