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Friday, December 11, 2009

OCD kickin' in

My mom's OCD occasionally kicks in- but it's rare. Months ago I read this post and was impressed. It was, however, during the colic phase, so I didn't put the great idea into use.

Then Jer suggested we do something similar to this, as our current folding method created mass chaos in Samantha's clothing drawer. Yes, everything went in folded, but after one session of looking for an item while trying to get out the door to be somewhere 10 minutes late on time it just became a pile of unfolded clothes shoved into a drawer.

So, here is the final result. I should have taken a "before" picture, but forgot:

(click on it to see what each area is)

I was very proud of myself. We can see every item of clothing at once, and I have it all folded so Jeremy we can see whats on the front of every onsie and the edges of all the pants (important when someone is sent on a hunt for a specific item).

I'll admit that the folding takes a little getting use to, but it is sooooo much easier getting her dressed...and then dressed again...and again...and again.

(Side story: I asked Samantha today "Hm...is the onsie you're wearing too dirty to sleep in?" To which she responded with a prompt-and very thick- spit up)

Also, for her outfits I use a trick I did while nannying triplets. I fold her pants in with the matching shirt. That way Jeremy we can always find the matching pair.

Some of you may be thinking along the lines of "duh", but I am very pleased with myself.


Anonymous said...

That's GENIUS! I can't wait to organize Mary Grace's drawers:)


Anonymous said...

I had to start folding Audra's matching outfits together when I came home from work one day to find her wearing bright pink pants with a green and orange top. Matt claims so looked fine, but I was horrified.

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