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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eat Your Heart Out

Samantha is growing like a weed (finally!) and in 2 weeks I've been able to pack a pound on that little turkey. She's now 14 lbs!!
So, what have we been feeding her?
Check it out:

That's right. Home-made baby! I made carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, prunes, green beans and milk (um, yes milk counts--especially considering all the foods I avoid to make sure it's edible for her).

I'm not crazy, just trying to be thrifty. I had to crunch the numbers for myself (the math teacher in me will never die):
Gerber prunes are about $1. That's 5 oz for $1. A bag of dried prunes was $2.15 (and that was at the expensive grocery store). That one bag of prunes made over 22 oz of baby food.
Gerber: .20/oz
Homemade: .10/oz (rounding up)

So what, .10 right? She eats one a day. So, $36 a year. Still not impressive?

Right now she's eating Squash too- about 4 oz a day. I made 40 oz of squash from $2.69 worth of the actual food. You can buy 40 oz from Gerber for $10.69.

That's just under $300 a year in savings.

And that's not all. She also eats at least another 8 oz of food a day. I won't bother you with the math anymore but it's between $500-$1000 savings a year, depending on the food I make.

Anyway, I like to look at it as a job. Working 2 hrs every three weeks we essentially pocket $40-80. Not bad if you ask me.

I'd like to discuss the names of the foods I am feeding my offspring. I find it very interesting (and scary) how my first time touching a squash is when I make it for my daughter. I think it's the name that always deterred me. *Squash*

Seriously, who wants to eat something that sounds painful? I didn't even know the difference between butternut and acorn squash. But it's her favorite and I hope to incorporate it into our diet as well! I also take pride in the fact that she likes my squash better than Gerber's.

Making the food is really easy too. I'm talking easier than mac n cheese. There was a point in making the food that I felt like I should be doing something else to it. My hand kept instinctively going for the salt and other spices. For the most part you just wait, blend and freeze.

My little chomper is already showing signs of ADD, though. She gets so excited when she sees the food and eagerly opens her mouth. After the second bite she is arching her back, trying to see someone/thing behind her (even when no one is there). Then she will reach for desired person/thing (or just the empty floor). Sometimes she'll throw in a 90 degree head-tilt:
During all of which you must keep a constant supply of food coming to her mouth. It's like she's playing hide-and-seek with her mouth. Bite-hide-swallow...bite-hide-swallow...

I have to mention her favorite snacks, for baby-book sake (this is, after all, her baby book)
She loves Cherrios, Rice Husks, and water.

Yes, that's right. Water. She loves taking several gulps and then gasping for breath while the last mouthful trickles down the side of her face.

Oh! And allergy update: I'm down to just dairy-free! It's amazing how the world of food (and my waist) expands once soy is allowed.

One last moment I wanted to share:

Dinner Jer made for me. That's right! Eat your heart out baby!


Granddad said...

Awwww....Jer is a romantc, just like his Dad!

Grandma (Tricia) made fresh baby food for Jeremy and his siblings too....kids seemed to like it better and no added sugar, salt or preservatives, just good nutrition!

Happy New Year...

That Married Couple said...

The homemade baby foods (and the savings) are AWESOME!

Ram Sam Sam

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