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Friday, January 21, 2011

This is the Song that Never Ends...

So I've been dealing with a child with a low grade fever for 2 days, one which included me resorting to the Ktan as I was not allowed to put her down, and I've had to go to work at 5pm as well and last night I made half the money of everyone else despite being the 2nd to last person there due to a party of ten only being a party of 5 that also decided not to order anything and left without paying for their drinks, which is great because I won't be working next week as I'll be out of town visiting a friend and (hopefully) her new baby and won't be making any money to hopefully make up for it and in addition to that I've been worried about Sam's fever because of the traveling and today at noon it spiked to 102.8 and I decided to take her in to the doctor, which I was really hoping to avoid for a few more weeks as we do not have any insurance right now because they are doing every health background check possible on her due to all the medical testing done last year, and I make roughly $500/mo too much to qualify for medicare (but maybe not this month with the luck I've been having) but thankfully we have some money saved up so I took her in and on the drive there I cranked up the radio just so I didn't have to hear the random intervals of a baby screaming (because she was done with her drink/baby/snack/mittens) and baby calling out "Mommy!Mommy!Mommy!Mommy!"- simply because- all the way to the doctors office which was another experience in itself as she is usually an angel, but I guess she's a gremlin and because I gave her some water she chose to sweat out the excess fluids in her body whilst throwing the mother of all fits while the doc looked her over, but the good news is that it's viral and should be gone by Monday (which is just in time for me to be able to finish all my school work before we leave) and so we ended up owing $90 for the doc to tell me there's nothing they can do more than what I was already doing and I walk up to the window to pay in my un-showered/brushed/fed glory, take out my checkbook and the receptionist tells me there is a $110 credit on the account, so we don't owe anything.

End sentence.

Commence tears.

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Renee said...

Days like that suck. Big hugs from Texas and healing vibes for the baby and stink-eye vibes to the idiots at the restaurant last night. Kim, we are right there with you; it is amazing the way God provides when we are in need.

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