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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

TMI Day 2

Warning: this is a post about potty training! If talk of #1's and 2's bother you, or you think it's a silly thing to blog about, come back for another post.

Ok, yes, this is a day late, but we couldn't find the camera cable. Better late then never!

6:15 Baby woke up with #2

8:00 Diaper free again

8:30 #1 on the floor- but she at least squatted this time!

8:45 the rest of previous #1 on the floor. This time mommy was a little firmer with the “Pee Pee on the potty” and baby actually sat on the potty for a minute, instead of protesting and immediately jumping off.

8:50 look over to see this potty training 3 days
we read books while she did so for 10 minutes

9:05 while sitting on a pillow baby is reading a book and says “WAWA!!” within seconds, pointed to where she is sitting. Yes, that’s water on the pillow, thank you baby. Where is all this liquid coming from?!? A few dribbles did make it in the potty chair

*all pillows and blankets are removed from sitting level of baby*

9:10 took this picture

19 almost 20 month old potty training
9:11 #1 soaks her leggings.

Obviously the extra liquids are working, but not sure I can keep this up all day

9:40 small #1 on the floor, but she finished on the potty chair!

10:00 wrapped up 15 minutes of reading books and playing while she sat on the potty

10:05 handed over to daddy so I could make breakfast

10:06 #1 on the floor

10:11 lifted leg and began to #1 on the floor. I’m beginning to think she thinks she’s a dog.

10:12 finished #1 on the potty chair

10:14 more #1 on the floor

10:20-10:41 lots of peeing on the floor, protesting and screaming. Early nap for baby!

11:31 baby wakes up Daddy takes over.

11:32 read books and drink milk

11:40 diaper off

1:00 mommy takes over again. lots of “CHEW!!!!” (Hold me!)

1:05 little #1 on the floor, but the rest made it on the potty! (with protesting)

1:30 baby came running to me yelling and then did a #1 on the floor. At least she’s anticipating it, right?

2:20 after pumping her full of water for an hour using this new favorite “cup” potty training logI knew she was holding it, caught the dribble and she made 90% in the potty chair! No complaining either! Just insisting on a cookie (she’d found a piece on the floor and wanted a whole one). I’m elated as I was considering giving up.

2:34 #1 on the floor. 2 steps forward, one step back

3:30 diaper on for a much needed 2nd nap. Note for other mom’s considering this- have some radio program on in the background as you will literally be following your child like they usually do you, and it’s as exciting as watching paint dry. And the moment you look away they will pee. They have a sensor. Also, do not even attempt any housework!

3:55 diaper free again (diaper was full)

4:45 shower with mommy. Within minutes I hear, “Mommy, Pee pee.” Since I was most certainly NOT peeing, you can guess who actually was. I told her it was ok and she continued playing happily.

6:30 diaper on for bedtime (note, baby did not actually go to sleep until 8, due to second nap. Will not be making the same mistake tomorrow!)

Adjustments for tomorrow:

Block off all rooms I am not in so as to avoid any run offs and maybe give me a little more visual freedom to look away. Proximity is key to catching it. I think.


Dianne said...

Thank you for posting your experience with this! I tried it for about 3 hours one afternoon and was completely exhausted. Maybe I'll try again if it proves successful for you. :)

Renee said...

Go mommy!! I've been waiting for this post all day! I have to get some of those "baby legs" for Dominic if we decide to do this!

MamaFujan said...

I've heard this being very successful! Can't wait to hear the outcome for you!!!!!

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