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Thursday, January 13, 2011

TMI Day 3

Warning: this is a post about potty training! If talk of #1's and 2's bother you, or you think it's a silly thing to blog about, come back for another post.

8:00 diaper free

8:45-9, lots of potty dancing and positioning, but dry thus far.

9:30-9:35 lots of #1’s on the floor. Tantrum on the potty chair, but success in the end

9:35-12:15 lots of little #1’s on the floor. She has 10 oz of liquid in her and is NOT letting it go without a fight.

12:20 diaper on for a nap

1:00 woke up with a #2, but dry otherwise

I’m very frustrated at this point as I’m not getting washed/dressed/fed or any of the mounting laundry done, and nothing is getting put away. And my patience has run out.

2:35 she just gulped down 8 oz of water. I decide to give her her space. Within seconds I hear “Potty...(splash)...potty...(splash)” At least she knows what it’s called now, right?

2:48 #1 on my lap! I sit her on her the potty chair and say “No! we pee pee on the potty. Not on the floor.” To which she responds, “Mommy.” That’s right dear, or on mommy.

2:52 “Wa-wa (splash)” SERIOUSLY?! “PEE PEE ON THE POTTY!” I say ever so sweetly. To which she responds just as sweetly, “MORE (yogurt)!” I walk away, exasperated, to get the clean up stuff, come back and she stands up from the chair- and it’s full!!! “Wa-wa,” she tells me. “No sweety! That’s pee pee!” and I celebrate. She asks for more yogurt. I give her a cookie.

3:20 Showered and fully dressed (and diapered) baby. The diaper pile is just too high and stinks, I’ve got to return books to the library, and I’m pretty sure 3 more diaper free hours are not going to make an epiphany happen.

4:30 diaper hasn’t even been on for 30 minutes and it’s FULL. And leaking.

I don’t like failure. So, let’s just call this little experience chapter one; Introduction to Potty Training. We’ll continue the training at a later date...say, April or May?

In the mean time, underwear has a few other handy uses.


Ace said...

Hey Kim, sounds like you're having fun. I definitely don't envy you here; good luck!

Anyway, I just saw a link to your blog somewhere (facebook? probably) and decided to stop by and say hi.


Amanda LaMartina said...

We did the same thing- hunkered down in the house for a week with varied levels of success, ultimately I decided I wanted to enjoy my time withy child again and we diapered her. Now this week (several months later) we are trying again, and it's going MUCH better.

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