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Saturday, January 15, 2011

When Duty Calls

I don't know how I'll ever be able to go back to an 8-4 job. Having to wake up, be ready for the day and form complete thoughts by 7:30am seems impossible right now. (I guess working 4 evening shifts a week might affect that a little too, but still!)

Every morning Sam wakes up between 6-7. Lucky for me, when daddy is awake, he's awake. Even if he's still tired. I'm still trying to understand the whole "I'm tired but can't sleep" thing he keeps telling me about.

In the mean time, I just make ask him to go get her. He dutifully gets up, changes her diaper, mixes her morning drink and brings her to me. I then lay in bed, dozing in and out of sleep while she watches several a couple of movies, occasionally naming parts of my face for me using her ice cold fingers to clarify exactly which feature she's talking about.

A few seconds before the credits start to roll, she asks for "more" until I wake up enough to holler "Jer!" for him to swap out the DVD's.

The other day Jer wasn't feeling well, so when she asked for "more" I rolled over to get out of bed and swap them myself. As I stumbled walked over, Sam decided to assist me and hollered out, clear as a bell,


Granddad said...

LOL...how our little ones soak up our behaviors when we aren't paying attention!

As for the "I'm tired but can't sleep" thing....it's inherited. Granddad is the same and so was his father and grandfather. Too much of that "early to bed and early to rise" stuff encoded into our DNA I guess...

Granddad said...

Speaking of "Duty" or is that "doodie"? How's potty training coming?

Ram Sam Sam

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