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Monday, January 10, 2011

TMI Day 1

Warning: this is a post about potty training! If talk of #1's and 2's bother you, or you think it's a silly thing to blog about, come back for another post.

I took three days off for this, and feel it's baby book worthy. So far it's been very comical, and is kind of what I was looking for when I was getting ready to start.

January 10th

8:30 Explanation in the shower went something like "No diaper today! Peepee on the potty!"

9:00 Diaper free

9:10 Squatting on the floor, scrambling of parents, protesting of baby, successful #2 in potty

9:15 Not so successful #2...in Sam’s words, it was, “Ucky.”

9:30 #1 on floor

9:55 First diaper-less fall to the ground. Mommy giggled as baby quickly stood up, grabbed her derriere and frowned “Ow!”

10:20 #1 on the floor- Sam insisted it was “Wa-wa”

11:50 Put diaper on for naptime

2:30 Growled at hubby for keeping Sam in a diaper after her nap while I was grocery shopping

5:00 #1 discovered a little too late, as most had been absorbed by socks

5:30 small #1 on the floor

5:45 the rest of previous #1 on the basement floor (at least she walked off the carpet to do it on the cement)

6:30 bedtime diaper

Adjustments for day 2:
  • More liquids
  • Salty foods to facilitate intake of said liquids
  • More books and videos to encourage sitting on potty


Amanda LaMartina said...

Dude, we just jumped back on the potty training bandwagon today too! The morning went well, afternoon not so great, and then the evening was fantastic! We're doing m&ms and a sticker chart. I'm hopeful that it will click this time. Good luck!!!

That Married Couple said...

Funny. Good luck today!

Granddad said...

Ah such a bright lovely child...no doubt she will figure it out quickly!

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