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Monday, August 6, 2012


The dress was given to her within5 minutes of arriving.  I fear what she may come back with during the summers we just drop her off for a week!

In June we made our first annual trip back to Arkansas to acquaint Samantha with her Godparents.  That's right Arkansa folks- annual.  Better be prepared!  Samantha did GREAT in the car on the way back.  She totally got the whole "entertain myself and sleep if I'm tired" concept.  I wrapped some old toys she hadn't seen in a while for her to open periodically throughout the trip.  We also went to town on the audio library books I got for her.  Minus the audio tapes that is.  The books didn't have the "beep" to tell her when to turn the page she she'd end up screaming at the tape player "The end. The END. THE END! STOOOOP!! ALL DONE!"

For the trip back I'd made her some pages with all sorts of street signs for her to look for  (on the ride up she was a very adamant back-seat-driver because she could see all the signs due to the recent front-facing-switch).   She had a clipboard and was so cute lifting the pages back and forth, setting the lifted paged on her head so she could mark off the ones she'd seen!

Anyway, she was spoiled rotten from the start and thoroughly enjoys the photo book I made her of the trip!
Time with the Weawers (her Godmother) was spent on their backyard tree-house, huge swing, trampoline and powerwheels cars, swam at the clubhouse, watched TV 24/7, rode the Ferris wheel, carousel and ate at a restaurant.  All within 48 hrs.

This little guy was 5 months old when we moved.  Here's a nice black-mail picture I took of him.  He was being "batman."

This guy was also five months old and was just fascinated by Samantha.  What?  I can't eat the food off your plate too?  Here he was being a "buck"

At the Godfather's.  This girl was still in-utero when we left.  She's taller than Sam already!

I drank this salsa while I was pregnant with Samantha.  She loved it even though she doesn't like spicy foods.

The Godfather

Their eldest.  She was 5'3" when we left.  She's now 5"10?

Jake...oh, Jake! 

What chya doing Jake?

This boy is very...resourceful!

Lots of fun outside in the heat that I apparently brought back with me.  Sorry Nebraska!

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The Lukas Family said...

Love it! Max hung the pic you sent on the fridge and asked me "what am I doing there?" He maintains that he will see Sam "tomorrow" and she will tell him since apparently he won't believe me when I try to explain to hands on his head like antlers....see y'all next year!

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