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Friday, August 24, 2012

Kids Say...

I came downstairs from getting dressed and Sam is in her underwear with a towel on her head, carrying a unicorn pillow and earnestly told me I couldn't go into the living room "Because the woods are not safe!"
 She permitted me to pass because my destination was the kitchen, not the woods.  She went to the bathroom and I followed her in and asked her why the woods were not safe.  
"Because of the rain!"
"The rain?  It's not safe because of the rain?"
"Nope," then she raised an eyebrow,  "And mommy, you 'pose to be in the kitchen!" 
We were looking at pictures on the computer and Samantha was insisting on hanging on my arm.  I told her she could touch my leg or the chair.  After a few minutes she started poking my arm.  Over. And over.  I finally snapped, "Samantha!  Stop TOUCHING ME!"
"I'm not touching you, Mommy!"  she retorted back, "I'm POKING you!!"
 Nighttime is usually when I get laundry folded.  Anything that goes in Samantha's room is usually placed outside her doorway to be put away the next day.  The other day I heard gasps of delight when Sam came out of her room, "Mommy!  Mommy!"  She came barreling into the bedroom to wake me up, "Mommy!  My princess panties!! They're CLEAN!" 
"Yes, Samantha, I washed them."
"Oh THANK you! THANK YOU mommy for washing my princess panties!  I love them!"
Samantha decided to wash her hands after desert the other day by pouring the water from her cup onto her sticky hands (any tips on getting away from the sippy?  Currently we use them simply because an open cup usually ends up with her hand perpetually in it, food being mixed in it, or it being poured on herself or the food.  No actual drinking takes place although she's fully capable.)  After she was done she casually got down from her seat and walked away.  
"Samantha, you go get a towel and wipe up all that water!"
"Uh, no. YOU go get the towel and wipe it up!"
"Um, no.  You decided to pour the water onto the table and floor, it is not my responsibility to wipe it up."
She chewed on the word, "responsibility" for a moment before she responded, "No, it's YOUR re-pon-sib-ility to wipe it up."
One day while on my lap, "Goodness gracious mommy, you need to shave!"
"I clicked the computer and put myself in time out...then I said 'beepbeepbeep' and got out." 
-Samantha's explanation as to why she was crying while I put Gabe to sleep.

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