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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Return of the Bern(hardts)!

A while back I lamented about a dear friend moving away.  Well, recently she texted me with "I've got news!!" I immediately knew she was moving back (or pregnant, but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't have included "!!") Anyway, they're moving back before the holidays and thinking about it just makes me all giddy inside!  They came to town for a visit and Audra and Sam play so well together.  Audra keeps things quiet and Sam keeps things...interesting.  It's like watching a 3-year-old version of me and Jennifer playing together.  It's crazy how well an introvert and extrovert play together!

Reading each other books- SO cute and a break for me!

The $6 doctor kit I got from Walgreen ages ago that is still played with daily.

Every check-up required a hair sample
There's got to be some law in science for the phenomena of your mouth opening when you want someone else to open theirs...

There was always a fingernail sample as well.

Ok my turn!
It was so hard for her to not tell Audra what to do next...

Repeat 100 times.  I got two whole chapters read for work!

Remember the wall?

It's still a hit!


"Let's rest.  You sit down too."

The ever compliant Audra.
The End

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Granddad said...

Wow! Do we have a future doctor in the family???

Ram Sam Sam

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