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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Part-time Brother

This summer Sam got to spend a lot of quality time with her part-time brother, Gabe.  They were a perfect match.  They'd spent over a year together in two different day-cares.  He's the youngest of 7, so he's used to other people trying to boss him.  He's become an expert of ignoring and doing what he wants anyway.  Sam, being an only child, still sees him as a baby and feels the need to boss him and take things away from him constantly.

Watching a show.  Notice she's mooching off his blanket and has TWO cups...

In the basement.  They very rarely had all of their clothes on. 

All those toys and fighting- all it took was an empty bucket to get them to get along and play nice.

This sequence cracks me up!

Hm...I think I can do that.

Gotta make sure he's doing it right...

Can you give each other a hug?

Ok Sam, it's ok, he doesn't want to.  Just let go!

Gabe attempting to rock the boat.

Sam freaking.  Gabe watching the quickly approaching floor.

Mommy stopped the fall.  Sam was still recovering from the almost-trauma.

Realized her silliness.  And Gabe was in his own world.

We'll miss you Gaby Gaby Bay-bee!

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