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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Busy Bags

A while back a friend of mine showed me some things she'd thrown together to keep her boy busy while she nursed.  I jumped on the idea and got some great ideas (forget pinterest, a google search works just as well!)
Anyway, they lasted all but 10 seconds each and she continues to be entertained for hours by the Candy Land figures and an empty Ariel pez container.


stuffing pom-poms into a cup with a slit.  She may have telepathically said to me, "Seriously?  What' the point?"

Ok, I'll admit she played with this one for a lot longer.  At least 2 minutes.  Just some felt cut up into shapes. Jer made Jack-o-lantern pieces and build-your-own flower pieces. 

I got a lot of buttons for her to string onto pipe cleaners.

After a few attempts she pitched the pipe cleaners and became obsessed with the buttons.  So much so that she got lots of Easter eggs filled with buttons a few days later.

Ribbon in a wipe container.  Because she's ALWAYS pulling wipes out.

Lasted .03 seconds.  I guess putting the ribbon back in wasn't so thrilling.

Magazine pictures on popsicle sticks for puzzles and magnets to make shapes.  She didn't get this at all.

I spy containers with hand drawn cards to tell you what to find.  The 18 month old I babysit loves these!

Magazine pictures on legos to match.  She thought this was cool.  However, when she figured out she could pull off the pictures she thought that was even cooler.  And so the fun ended.

I really thought she'd like this one but alas, she gave me the "What's the point of this?" look again.

Glued on pompoms and empty sticks to match the pattern.  Again, she didn't get this and just liked throwing the pompoms.  A puzzle player my child is not.
 But it's not all a waste.  When other normal kids come over I show them the busy bags and they are thrilled.  It's then that my daughter is suddenly interested.  It never fails- I have to invite other kids to play with her toys so she figures out how to play with them.
Pipe cleaners and colanders.  I didn't have to show the Jordan's what to do, they caught on immediately!
Gina even added some of the buttons to her creation!

They were so proud.  The quiet  creativity lasted at least 15 minutes!

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Carol said...

What a great idea! I might steal some of these ideas and see if they'll work with CJ.

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