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Monday, March 3, 2014

5 Months

H said, "7 more months until she's a year!"
He almost lost his teeth.

Charlotte has discovered the hilarity that is Samantha.  Sam never sits still for very long, so all Charlotte has to do it stare at her for a few seconds and wait.  Whenever Sam moves, Charlotte breaks out into her grin.

I've told several people that I don't know how we survived taking care of Sam without an older sibling.  When I say Sam is a helper, I mean it.  She is amazing at keeping Charlotte distracted when needed.

It pained me to see Charlotte constantly trying to sit herself up by doing a big sit-up. I was tired of always finding a spot to lay her down on. So this weekend we worked a lot on sitting up. By Monday morning I could plop her down and do a quick task (like use the bathroom) and she'd stay upright the whole time! That is, if her sister wasn't near by and try to sneak in a tackle snuggle.

Can I just ask, WHAT is the deal with kids and babies' faces/hands?  I mean, seriously, people, it's cold and flu season!  And Samantha- if she doesn't have her face puuuuuuuuuuushed up against Charlotte's (and knocking her over) she's throwing clothes or a blanket on Charlotte's face, or tickling her face with the (dirty) feather-duster, or danglin her hair in Charlotte's face so that she's "gasping" for breath.  I just need to record myself and have it on constant replay, "GET OUT OF HER FACE!"  It's all we can do to keep a clean air-flow to the poor child.

I'm still off several foods (diary/soy/nuts/beef/corn/eggs/fish), but am eating well due to my amazing husband.  Seriously, he cooks and we all eat- and everything he cooks I can eat.  Unless the topic of "going out to eat" gets brought up, I really don't miss anything.

Charlotte still gets up a lot a night.  I remember being able to sleep more with Sam while we co-slept, but I have to remind myself that Sam didn't move in her sleep and would also spit me out when she was full.  Charlotte is a binky baby, so she's totally fine being latched on aaaaaaallllll night.  To survive Jeremy and I take turns on the couch. 

I've learned to live with a cat-napper.  I still don't like it, but I'll take what I can get.  Unlike her sister, she will not only go to sleep alone (thanks to her amazing babysitter, Jen) she will go back to sleep if she wakes up cranky.

Anyway, I'm babbling a lot, I just want to remember the details.  I'm reminded every time I cuddle with her how much my other baby has grown.  It's the first time it's happened, but today I looked at Sam and saw my baby.  I'd heard people say this before I but didn't get it until it hit me today.  I wanted to shove her back in my womb right then and there.

Oh, yeah, we also tried avocado.  Just because.

Mixed it with some breastmilk.

Apparently it was sour.

Sam insisted on a picture of her eating too.

She was much happier once we gave her her lid to play with.

5 month pictures...She would not look at me for anything.
"Is that my sister coming?"
"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!  I haven't seen you for a least 2 minutes!"

See what I mean?  That smile is all for Sam.

She almost made Charlotte fall down trying to get a "pose" with her...good thing Charlotte doesn't ever mind!

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