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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Following Through

 Jeremy and I have tried very hard to make sure when we warn Samantha with a consequence we are prepared to follow through with it.  This stinks, sometimes, as it means canceling plans with friends issuing a consequence that I really didn't want to do.  For example, the other night Samantha snapped at me for the millionth time while I was combing out her hair because of a tangle.  She's been obsessed with Rapunzel and Elsa and Ohna's looooooong hair.  Considering it took four years for her to finally have a ponytail, I was right there with her, encouraging her to grow it out. 
Back to following through, I sternly told Samantha, "If you snap at me again, we are going to have to cut your hair."
"Fine.  I want to cut my hair."
Crap.  That's not the response I was expecting.
"You won't be able to have long braids anymore."
"That's fine, my tangles will be gone.  I want it this short (pointing to her ears)."
"Um, no, not that short."
Such went the conversation for a few days.  I finally realized that it was something she really wanted and that she was, in fact, tired of the long hair (I've been there before, so I totally understand).
So, with a heavy heart, I took her to the salon.
What it looked like most of the time.  That baby hair was really hard to comb out.
This is still the face I expect to see when she comes walking around the corner or wakes up in the morning.
But then I'm greeted with this.
She loves the tangle-free-ness. 
 I'll admit, I choked up a bit when she got down from the chair and pranced around the salon.  It's nice, though, not to fight over the hair and she does look adorable.

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MamaFujan said...

I love it! :) Adorable!

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