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Friday, November 28, 2014

Grandma's Visit

Jeremy's mom had planned coming down for Charlotte's birth but ended up not being able to make it last minute.  So she made up for it and stayed with us for 2 weeks over Charlotte's first birthday.  Those two were quite the pair!  Charlotte warmed up to her right away and even took her first steps the FIRST day Grandma watched her!
It was so precious to hear her laugh and laugh at Charlotte's grin.

Oh, the markers.  She finally figured out how to open them a few weeks ago and they are now off-limits.

For a while there she ALWAYS had markers in her hands.  We'd take them away to put her to bed, show her that they were by the door (for when she woke up) and she'd go right for them when she got up.  

I totally missed it, Grandma left a comment a while back:

Anonymous Grandma said...
Grandma Lepper enjoyed coming from Arizona for two weeks and had fun with the girls. The visit was scheduled so I would be there for Charlotte's first birthday. Kimberly had a schedule written out so Grandma could do her best to keep to Charlotte's routine and to be there when Charlotte took her first steps. Grandma kept a daily log about Charlotte's busy days-- some of them were more than two pages long! Of course that was the only thing Grandma had to do, until we picked Samantha up from school! The day that it was raining was interesting--how to keep the girls dry in the stroller, while Grandma frantically pushed the stroller home. If I had looked there was large umbrellas in the entry closet. The couch in the basement was very comfortable. I'm short enough that the length of the couch was perfect. I should have brought back the feather pillow with me. I'm fond of feather pillows. I was to fly back home the ninth--due to flight times being pushed back, it meant I could stay the night at Lincoln airport or Denver. There were three customers trying to figure out how they could get th their destination that evening. Third time at the counter the young lady told me about a flight for Friday. Thank goodness Jeremy was able to come get me from the airport. At least I then had a comfortable place to sleep besides the airport. Love to all and I'll miss seeing the girls grow day by day

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