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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Pink Sisters

Samantha and I recently had a "date" and visited the Pink Sisters.  This is a big deal for them as they are a contemplative order and spend most of their time in silence.  They LOVE seeing all the kids.

Samantha is at this faze (please be a faze) where she gets really excited about something and then as the moment approaches she gets very cautious and observant.

And clingy.  The closer we got the closer she got.

Then, right as it was her turn she turned into this weird crazy ball of sounds and refused to speak words until I got down to her level and..well, I don't remember what I said, but I got her to stop.  Seriously, it was weird and kind of embarrassing.  The poor nuns didn't know what to think and were looking at me for "cues" as to how to talk to her.  I was as dumbfounded as they were so I just started talking to them.  

When we got to the LAST sister in line she finally showed her true self and was so sweet, talkative and asked them to pray for a baby brother for her and for her migraines to go and stay away.

Then we went for ice cream.  Because why not?

Impossible to get anything but a hand-shot with this one!

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