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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Career

Jeremy and I have been discussing for YEARS now what Jeremy was going to do after youth ministry.  Most youth ministers last 2 years.  He finished with 14 under his belt.  We were ready to move on. With a growing family, it was getting harder and harder to juggle the out-side of the office commitment that is required. However, the HUGE looming question just hung in the air for years.

What would he do next?

It was quite the ordeal, with lots of roadblocks, but- like it always happens- the road that we took ended up happening almost too easily.  Jeremy kept trying to apply at one particular place and kept getting rejected, only to have another place CALL HIM and ask him for his resume.  Then they offered him the job THE SAME DAY of the interview.  The hours are 8-5, the pay is exactly what his previous two jobs combined here (he was working part-time at my high-school as a tech assistant).  There's room to grow, and although he was really uneasy about starting something in a completely different field, he l.o.v.e.s. it.  Seriously, I get texts almost every day about how crazy work is and how much he loves it.  What is it?  Desk-top help.  The details are "ho hum" but it's like God created a job and said, "I shall call this job ".  
Anyway, the downside currently is that he's a contracted position, so that means no benefits. And a contract that has to be "renewed' every few months.  Which means NO flexibility for time off (one of the HUGE benefits to his previous two jobs).  Plus there's the whole learning to live on a weekly paycheck of hourly pay vs monthly paycheck of salary pay.  But, we've been blessed with great health so far this semester and have only needed me to stay home twice.  

And even though he doesn't have any days off like he used to (snow-days and holy days) he says he actually feels more relaxed due to being able to come home and be "off" and having two full consecutive days "off" every week.  It's been an amazing change and we feel so blessed.  It's also a huge relief that we didn't realize was there- not knowing what was next.  But here we are!
One of the last Sundays with donuts with the teens!

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