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Sunday, November 16, 2014


Even though this semester has been the "easiest" so far, it doesn't mean that I have any spare time.  I don't know how I managed the past three years.  Currently I can come home and NOT WORK from 4-8, and only be up until 10 to 11 grading and planning.  It may not seem like much, but that's four hours to be with my girls, relax a little in the evenings while keeping up with the house AND squeeze in a bible-study each week.  Saturdays have been dedicated to a "work-day" for me and Jer, meaning that we work from 9-5 on household chores and (me) catching up on school stuff.  Sundays are 90%  forced relaxation.  Now, I have "issues" and can't NOT be doing something so I save the chores I don't mind like making breakfast for the week or folding clothes.  But every weekend it feels like a 3 day weekend.  It's been one of the hardest changes we've made to our routine (we are ready to CRASH on Saturday) but it's been just amazing how much more we are enjoying life just by having a day of rest.  It's like God knew what he was talking about when he mandated it. :)

Anyway, being back at school means the blog gets neglected.  However, I'm trying to grab the camera as much as possible so the memories aren't forgotten.  I have so much to update (like a new career for Jeremy and my family auditioning for Family Feud) and share, but for now it will just have to be pictures and snippets.

oldie but goodie circa August.  I know, I'm WAY behind!

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