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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Recap

 Hm...looking through the pictures I didn't get everything recorded, but here are some highlights.

Christmas party with the Godteen group.  I found Ninja-bread men and Ugly Sweater sugar cookies for them to decorate.

this one made four and when she was done you couldn't see the cookie it was so buried in frosting and sprinkles.  

Grandma sent some cool window decals. 

Charlotte was not napping, but happily contained in a box with goldfish to...fish for.

They're everywhere, mom!

A new tradition- Jesus' Birthday cake!

The one and only picture I got of our Christmas Eve dinner with the Hnoskos...Boo me.
Christmas Gift from us.
But this is the dress she REALLY wanted.
Anna and Elsa

So. Many. Wardworb.Changes.
Kahlan went home to get her Elsa dress so they didn't have to take turns anymore.  Seriously, ANA is better...
But those "ICE POWERS" are just too cool.

Haha, get it?  Too cool.

This one got some spiderman webshooters.

He not only nailed the video camera, but everyone else too.

My Favorite gift this year!

Tess is a super-hero!

My Aunt and Uncle came and Tracy requested that Amanda sing...
 Here's a clip with Sam lip-syncing...Just TRY not to cry...or laugh...

These two...

Cousins!  17 months and 14 months

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