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Monday, December 8, 2014

Family Feud

So this was a BLAST!

Steve Harvy, yo! In 2D!!

They liked us enough to hang around for the second (secret) interview.

Then we analyzed our interview to the Nth degree, gave my mom a hard time for "freezing up" and commented on how crazy I can get.

Then we splurged and went to Jer and my's FAVORITE restaurant.

Everyone else loved it too.


Just kidding.  Well, actually, I've never liked watching my parents kiss, although in theory it is considered sweet.  I'm sure our kids will feel the same way some-day.

Anyway, they said to look for a post-card (seriously...still using snailmail) in 2 weeks.  THREE weeks later (we'd given up hope) we got a post-card saying that we are in their ACTIVE FILE!  Which means that come May when they start recording, we are on their little Rolodex of people to call.  Except that they have my mom's OLD phone number...hopefully the certified letter we sent them with the change of number gets to the right person...


Heather Gibb said...

Did you ever get called? We just got the exciting postcard, and we wonder if we will actually get called to tape

Kim said...



So exciting! Good Luck!

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