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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Green Tomatoes

We had a really cool summer but an amazingly beautiful October to make up for it.  I had to stay home one day with Charlotte due to a 12 hr virus and it was on one of the awesome days.  At this time we still hadn't had our first frost so we were still getting raspberries and cherry tomatoes.  Charlotte learned to look for raspberries every time we walked into the house and if there weren't any she'd search diligently for two green tomatoes to carry around for the evening.  She didn't like to eat them, just carry them-one in each hand.  The trouble was finding them, as they are usually hidden...
So you have to carefully stake out the plant...
And when you find a ripe and heavy branch you have to get down low...

...real low.

And sometimes the leaves hit your head and are fun to snuggle with.
Ooo, there's another.
Gotta get down on it's level.

THERE we go.  

Sometimes they roll away.

Haha! Got you!

Hm...do I have more room in my chunky hands?

Did I miss any?

Gotta double check.

I don't EVER want to forget this memory with her.  Just thinking about it makes me smell the tomato plants that day...

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