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Monday, January 6, 2014

3 months!

Her deer-in-headlights eyes that crack Samantha up.
I may be behind posting about her, but I am at least keeping up with taking the pictures.  That counts, right?

Charlotte is still our chunky monkey.  I'm not sure of her exact weight, but she's officially wearing 6-9 month clothes.  I still am saving some of my favorite 3-6 months because technically they fit her when she's in a disposable diaper. 

She loathes tummy-time, just like her sister.  Currently it's tollerable if her older sister is running back and forth in front of Charlotte.  Then, and only then, will she do the mini push-ups so that she can watch.  Otherwise she just face-plants and screams.  With tears and everything. It's so sad.

Charlotte still fights sleep like a champ.  Her squirming is minimal now (thank GOD) but she still requires someone to be holding her.  If not, her naps are 30 minutes.  And then the next one will be 20, the next 10, the next...well, you get the idea. If she gets to that point she will be sobbing and screaming as she fights falling asleep.  Then I have stop, let her stand up and then start talking to her.  Although she's exhausted she's UBER giggly.  All I have to do is ask "What'chya fussin' for?" and she's cracking up.  She'll go between her woody-woodpecker stomach laugh to fussing because she remembers she still tired.  After a minute or two I cuddle and shush her again and she'll finally give in and pass out.

But when she's awake (and not fighting sleep) she coos.  Oh how her coos melt my heart.  She'll be cooing away at a wall or window or fan and when I ask her who she's talking to she'll get a big grin, her hands go up to her mouth and she bats her eyes.  Lucy appropriate calls her "Shy-lotte" (pronounced "Shy-lit) because of this move.

Check out those tired eyes.  And the binky- sure sign she's ex.haus.ted.

Other than that, all I can think of is our love-hate relationship with the binky.  We never wanted a binky baby, but then Sam came along and we would have LOVED if she would have taken a binky (to stop the incesant screaming).  Charlotte fought it at first like her sister did, but I kept trying and once she figured out that a binky meant falling asleep suckling without milk suddenly drowning her she was sold.  She has to have it to fall asleep (but don't you dare try and give it to her when she's awake).  This means we have to know where it is at all times.  And between having three floors, the carseat she sometimes sleeps in, three sizes of diaper bags and gobs of blankets everywhere, we are always on the hunt.  Buy more, you say?  Nope.  I Guarentee you they all will be misplaced when it comes time for her to fall alseep.  And then she doesn't want it 1/2 the time when she's asleep.  By this I mean in the 30 minutes of sleep she'll want it the first 10 minutes, not the following 5, but then the next 5 and be done with the final 10.  So even if you are ok with her only taking a 30 minute nap, you have to be near by for when she pops the darn thing out or decides she wants it again. 

Here, mommy, have a foot.

Come on, you know you want it!

This is getting hard, just kiss my foot already!

Haha, ok here's the smile you were looking for!

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Colleen said...

Oh my goodness, what a happy baby. I just love chubby babies, the fatter the better!!

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