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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kids Say

We've been so blessed to work at Pius.  Samantha knows the hallways like our house and knows where all the candy is stashed in every room.  Last year we said goodbye to Sister Ann Marie who went to a different school.  I have to say, I think I was the only one NOT bouncing off the walls excited to have Sister Maria join Pius again, simply because that meant Sister Ann Marie would not be in the classroom across from me any more.  Although I still am grieving, it's impossible not to love Sister Maria.  And she's fallen head over heels in love with Samantha.  The first words out of Sam's mouth when she comes to my room after school are,

"Can I go see Sister Maria?!"  

This may be because she has the largest candy stash in the school, but they are usually laughing so loud you can hear it clear down the hallway, so I'm guessing it's her company too.

Samantha has gotten very comfortable with Sister Maria.  The other day she said,

"My sister is a chunky monkey and I'm a skinny minnie.  
My sister is a baby.  
Why are YOU a chunky monkey?"

Luckily Sister Maria thought it was hilarious.

She watched 15 of the 17 minutes of the speech, waiting to hear him say "I have a dream!"
Sam wanted to know why she didn't have school on the 20th and so I explained to her who Martin Luther King Jr was.  She was very intrigued.  And in Samantha fashion, she had to re-tell ME the story over and over again.  She almost has his name down, but gets lost somewhere in the "luth" part.  And she keeps talking about how he was "poked".  It took me a while to understand what she was saying.

"No, Sam, he was shot."
"Oh, he was shocked." 
"No, shot. Like with a gun."
"Like this? pew-pew!"
"Um, sort of.  But it killed him."
"And he went to heaven?"
"Yes...so, how did he die?"
"Um....he was poked."


"Samantha (for the millionth time) stop climbing and hanging on me."
"Oh, I'm sorry *giggle* I didn't know if you were a tree or not."

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