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Monday, January 20, 2014


Oh, electronics, how I loathe you.  You taunt me with your promise of uninterrupted quiet time, but then your effects always turn my precious 4-year-old into a whiny and clingy beast.  I was thrilled when I read this article about regulating screen-time, especially since Uncle Andrew bought her a LeapPad2 Princess for Christmas.  She calls it her "ipad" and it basically is a tablet. She can go through a set of batteries in one morning if we aren't careful. 
So after a little discussion we now have a system of "earning" screen time.  If she asks, however long she plays independently (or with Charlotte) or reads or colors, etc she can play for that amount of time on her ipad.  We set the timer to time her and then set the buzzer when she's on the LeapPad.  She has yet to "earn" more than 20 minutes and she's usually editing pictures of herself, so we're happy with the length of screen-time. It works like a charm!
Earning time on her ipad.

She painted
I love these watercolors as she's able to set them up and clean up by herself!

And she colored on packaging paper I taped to the wall.

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