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Friday, January 24, 2014


My family gets together a lot.  Birthdays are big and when you're up five grandbabies- all with different birthday months- that means a big get-together most months of the year:
January is Jeremy
February is Joel
March is Kim
April is Grayson
May is Becca and Samantha
June is my parent's anniversary
July is Papa, Amanda and Olivia
August (yet to be claimed)
September is Mimi
October is Lucy, Charlotte and Hyunseok
November is Thanksgiving
December is Kahlan and Christmas
So this was January:

The new favorite game- connect four.  Sam had made up a game that Hyunseok called, "The most boring game ever."

My mom played with the babies.  Celeste, to the right, was certain that my mom was intertaining her.

Seriously, she didn't notice the baby right underneith her.  It was hilarious.

But when she did notice...

What is it with babies always going for the face?

My mom rocks at the multitasking.

Jeremy's cake, decorated by my dad.

The guys.  They play games every Thursday night and so they were equally excited to read up on Jeremy's new game expansion.

Amanda and her Boy Toy Levi.  I'd like to say that's not her normal face but...

The grandkids kept running up to Mimi to ask for more icecream and cake in their own bowls.  They knew to not go to mom and dad. 

Communial bowl.

Sam convinced Kahlan to feed her.

Charlotte watching the scene...

...and Sam jumped in for a photo bomb.

Charlotte was "done" and Grayson was doing everything he could do to get her to smile.  So sweet!

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