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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brand War

In light of my recent fame, I thought I'd post a reminder to enter for the free give-away.  And, because I found it and find it interesting myself, something to think about the next time you are taking your supplements (no matter what brand!)

"I was recently contacted by an interested individual who is researching the difference in Melaleuca and Shaklee (referred to as Shak). She says, based on her research, both companies have the same claims about purity, safety, testing, studies, ect. Melaleuca's been in business 25 years and Shak for 50 years. The only drastic difference she has noticed is the cost. Her question: if both companies claim the same thing then why is the cost so different? Melaleuca is apparently much cheaper.

My Response:

Per your request, I have been working to get additional information as to the difference in price between Shak and Melaleuca. My suspicion is the difference in quality.

Shak products have peer-reviewed published clinical proof of safety & efficacy and this proof is easily located. Challenge Melaleuca or any other companies to provide a list of their published research (in accredited scientific journals). Click these two links - first for the list of Shak's independent clinical research on their formulated products and then for the list of members of Shak's Scientific Advisory Board...."

I was going to post the article that follows, but it's kind of long winded, and I don't want to crowd my blog.  So if you want the rest, go here.

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