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Friday, January 15, 2010

It's a Hard Knock Life

I know posting has been scarce recently. We've had a lot of this:
Last Friday Samantha puked at playgroup and has since contaminated half of Lincoln. We've been staying at home for two reasons.
1. Duh, she's sick
2. I feel like this:Since she was already fussy and not eating well, her body took this as a cue to start breaking in two more teeth as well. It's like she's two months old again.

Anyway, one of her Godparents sent us a Baby Einstein CD and DVD right before she got sick. It's not something I would have ever asked for, nor bought myself--but have called twice to thank them for. It's the only peace I've gotten the past week. This is her watching Windows Media Player play the CD (with all the cool colors and shapes that bounce around):

and the DVD:
The one silver lining of all the puking...

...a new outfit! I never have a spare outfit, as I've only needed one twice in her life and I like to keep the diaper bag smaller than an african nation. So, when she puked at MilkWorks, I just mosied on over to the clearance rack. Cost $10...which is a steal at this place, but the most I've ever spent on a single item for her.

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That Married Couple said...

Aw, poor girl. Cute outfit though!

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