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Sunday, April 18, 2010

11 months

I almost missed it!

Short and sweet this time!

This month FLEW by.

Samantha is just under 15.5 lbs
She eats pretty much whatever we're eating, but has increased her nursing big-time
She prefers eating off our silverware
She can pretty much get anywhere now using a combination of rolling and a side army-crawl (trying to catch it on video)
She's wearing 6-9mo and 12 mo clothing, depending on the brand
She is very into pulling things apart and emptying out containers/bags/purses/buckets
She's added a few more signs, two of which are in this month's video!
She sits quietly at mass, reading her books, eating cheerios and playing with a wet-wipe
And she "talks" on the phone--priceless!

Presenting- Samantha sitting up unassisted:

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