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Friday, April 30, 2010

Po-tate-o, Po-taht-o

On St. Patty's Day I asked Lucy what she learned about St. Patrick at school. I was pretty impressed at her recollection, until her last 'fact,'

"...And then he became a pope."
"What? Pope? No, Lucy, he became a priest."
Shrugging, "Pope, priest, same thing."

Going to Home Depot one day she was giving me the low-down on the swing set my folks have been looking for,
"So now they are just waiting until the swing set is free."
"Free? You mean on sale?"
"Free, on sale, same thing."

We went to the Farmer's Market and Lucy was upset that the cashier didn't give her any moneys back. While trying to explain the economics of money I had her subtract five minus eight for her to see how many quarters she had left,

"That's fruchting, right?"
"Fru...what's that called again?"
"What's what called?"
"You know...fru...fru...when you take eight minus five."
"Yes! That was subtraction, right?"


Granddad said...

Lucy's gonna be that cool young aunt who takes Samantha shopping and teaches her how to dance and do sneaky things....

Mammasita said...

I love it!

MageeMommy said...

this is cute!

Visiting from FF. Hope you can stop by for my cookbook giveaway! wahoo!!!

GlowinGirl said...

That's how I feel about math, priests/popes, and sales too. ;) I like how your girl thinks!

Stopping over from SITS. Happy Mother's Day!

Ms. Mayra said...

hahaha... how cute is that!! I love the subtraction one. lol

Barnmaven said...

Out of the mouths of babes...she is so cute and funny!

Stopping by from SITS, congratulations on your SITS day!

Kerri said...

"Pope, priest, same thing!" LOL! That's awesome. I always wanted a younger sibling!

AmberRay said...

She sounds and looks adorable.

Zeemaid said...

free.. or on sale, wouldn't it be great if it was the same thing.

Missy said...

Kids are so funny sometimes. I always think that I should write down what my kids say more often so I can remember it when I am old.

Stopping by from SITS.

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