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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nom Nom

Sam likes to put everything that she can fit in her pincer grasp into her mouth.
This includes, but is not limited to:

carpet she yanks out
onion peels

But recently I found her spitting something out.

I walked over and found a dead ladybug.

But that's not the gross part.

The next day I see a dead lady bug near her and contemplate picking it up, but think, "Nah, she won't see it. And if she does, she'll just spit it out again."

I come back later and notice two things.

1) The lady bug is gone
2) Sam is happily munching away on something

That's still not the gross part.

I manage to fish the dead insect pieces out of her mouth
(much to her dismay- apparently this one was tasty).

I thought that was the gross part, but it still wasn't.

Later I nursed her and when she pulled off,
there was a lady bug residue on my n i p p l e.

A wing, to be exact.

THAT was the gross part.


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