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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Typical Tuesday

I'm off to an interview for a waitressing job after I write this post. I've waitressed before, at the Terrace Grille and the Apple Tree Inn. At both places, I really enjoyed it (for the most part) and the money was really good (I think I averaged $10/hr after taxes).

As many of you have probably experienced, once you've entered a job field you get quite picky and critical when you later employ someone else in the same position. Like when I was a grocery clerk. I got real good at bagging groceries, and now it REALLY irks me when baggers throw random stuff together- like bread with cans, or raw meat with kleenex. I've gotten to the point where I put stuff on the conveyor belt in the order I want it sacked, to avoid getting my banana's and tomatoes bruised, or my cereal boxes soaking wet from melting frozen items.
I'll admit, I may need help. Maybe I need to go to a group?

Hello, my name is Kim, and I'm a bagging snob.

Moving on...

Waitressing has not been any different. My server has to be really bad for them to get less than 15%. I'm very understanding about certain things (such as the way food is cooked not being the waiters fault). But I'm very picky about others. Like my glass of water getting empty. Or not having silverware. Or having to ask twice for something.

The one gray area, however, is how often to check your table, and how to kindly interrupt. I've had some waitresses come to my table so often, it almost feels like they're trying to hurry me up. Then other times I have to go searching for another waiter to find my own.

Since it has been a while, and it is different for many people, I'd like to know, how do you like to be served?


Bryanne Colvin said...

We recently went to a Turkish restaurant with Matt's mom for lunch and our waiter was fantastic. He was so good, we actually talked about it afterward to figure out what it was that we liked:

1. He paid attention to the baby. If you are going to take the time to bring a baby to a nice restaurant, that baby is important. Pay attention to it. Yes the baby is going to make a mess, don't make a deal out of it. When we asked for food for the baby (rice, which he didn't even charge us for!), before we did anything else, he went and got it for her, the same with the cup of milk. He even brought out a smaller spoon for her to use when he saw the regular teaspoon was too big!
2. He walked by our table frequently, but did not necessarily interrupt us. He was checking to see where we were in the course (we had appetizers, soup and salad), and he did not bring out the next course until we were done with the one before.
3. He was knowledgeable about the food and beverages (a given)
4. He did all the small things - our cups were never empty, etc.

I am sure there was a lot more that he did, but a lot of it was a feeling we got. He wanted us there and he wanted us to have a great time. I think that is what makes the best servers.

Granddad said...

Well...I worked my way through graduate school as a waiter...so I am a wee bit picky too.

Does the waitperson introduce themselves and bring water/drinks in a timely manner?

Once drinks are served, are refills...especially coffee warm-ups prompt?

Is the food delivered hot?

Is the waitperson knowledgeable about the menu?

The basics...but important if one wants a tip of any size from moi.

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