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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Peace Treaty Via Black and Decker

Apparently the battle with rice is a generational battle.

Or there's a anti-rice cooking gene.

Jeremy said I've just psyched myself out. That cooking rice is just like baking.
I'm a good baker, therefore it shouldn't be a problem.

So I did what any good wife does when her husband says such things.

I complained to my mother.

All these years I thought she bought minute-rice because she didn't realize the taste difference of real rice.

Turns out she has the same issue I do- and she's a fantastic baker!

So when my sweet friend surprised me with this

both my mom and I were overjoyed (we're moving in with the folks, remember).

I made sure to document the momentous occasion:

(I so desperately wanted to intervene- notice the "foaming" on the sides)

Ta da!
No burnt popcorn smells this time!
This turned into our dinner, then lunch, then dinner, then lunch.

Thanks Melissa!!

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Melissa K. said...

So proud of you, so proud!

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